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Had to have my car towed this morning.

Yesterday I stopped by my apartment complex office on my way home and when I got back in my car, it wouldn’t start. The radio worked, but no other sound. No clicking. No churning. Nada.

Later, we tried jumping it off, but to no avail. No sound. Nothing.

So I had it towed this morning. And instead of taking it to the local Honda dealership as I had originally planned, I had it towed to a small auto repair shop that I knew nothing about, but that was highly recommended to me by the tow truck driver.

The shop owner was very nice and there was contemporary Christian music playing. Not that either of those has anything to do with how well these guys can repair autos. But I’m just hoping I don’t get ripped off!

One of the main reasons I decided to go to this shop is that they give you a free loaner! And I had a list of errands I needed to run this afternoon and plans with friends this weekend. And I didn’t know how long I would be without my car. HOWEVER … I found out that “free loaner” is code for OLD CHRYSLER BOAT! And this boat has their logo and phone number plastered over the entire back windshield!

But I don’t need to complain because it is FREE! All I have to do is replace any gas I’ve used. And since it looks like I will only drive it a total of 10 miles, I’m not sure I need to replace any.

The shop owner called and said they found the problem. Well, actually they found the problems. There are two. First I need a new starter. That’s why it wouldn’t start! Second they found a “VERY LOOSE battery cable end” (repair guy’s lingo, not mine!). He said he is surprised that I have not been stranded somewhere because of it.

(And to think the local dealership did a thorough diagnostic inspection of my car a couple months ago?!?)

Anyway, it’s going to cost me only one arm and half a leg. But hey! They can get it done before 5:00 today and I don’t have to drive that OLD CHRYSLER BOAT around all weekend! I think it’s worth it, don’t you?!?

He also said they did a thorough inspection of my car and that I have apparently maintained it very well. He said they couldn’t find anything else wrong with it. I said I hope not because it’s only 10.5 years old and I’m planning on driving it at least another 2-3 years!

I have found this whole situation to be very stressful. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because this is first time I’ve had to have a car towed (and therefore the first time I’ve ridden in a tow truck!). The few times I’ve had a car problem that couldn’t be easily fixed, I’ve at least been able to eventually drive it where it needed to go.

This situation brought back memories of a time when my daughter’s dad and I had car trouble on a business trip. We purchased a new battery, but that didn’t fix the problem. It was then diagnosed as a bad alternator. We decided to ‘limp’ back home and have our good friend/great auto mechanic do the repairs for us instead of taking a chance with someone out of town that we didn’t know.

However, the trip home took longer than expected and I distinctly remember riding home in the back seat on my knees with a flashlight in each hand, shining them out the back windshield whenever a car approached. Because of the bad alternator, we ended up with no lights. And dark got to us before we got home.

So maybe today SHOULD have been my SECOND time to have a car towed!

Anyway, hopefully it will be my LAST!

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