Healing Naaman and Me – Application Questions

Here are some questions to help you apply this Bible story to YOUR life.

Part 1 – What’s Your ‘But’?

2 Kings 5:1

  • What’s on my resume?
  • What characteristics or accomplishments am I expecting to shield me from some of life’s issues?
  • What’s on my resume that I try to hide?
  • How is the real me different from the image I project?
  • What’s the “but” at the end of my resume?

Part 2 – Weather Alert

2 Kings 5:2-3

  • What bad things have happened to me?
  • How did I respond/react to them?
  • Which of them am I still angry about?
  • When has God used me to lead someone to His healing?
  • When have I allowed life events/issues to cause me to doubt God’s goodness?
  • How well am I doing my “job” at my job?

Part 3 – Simple vs. Complicated

2 Kings 5:4-6

  • Whose permission am I seeking before I make the changes I know I need to make?
  • What things am I continually repeating while expecting different results?
  • Who in my life am I allowing to influence the direction I take? What am I gaining by doing this? What am I losing?
  • In what area of my life am I bargaining? Instead, what do I need to surrender?

Part 4 – Poster Child

2 Kings 5:7

  • What situation in my life am I expecting someone else to “fix”?
  • On whom have I placed responsibility for my issues? What are the results?
  • Who has placed responsibility for their issues on me?
  • How does that make me feel?

Part 5 – Lights . . . Camera . . . DRAMA!

2 Kings 5:8-10

  • Who is the Drama King/Queen in my world?
  • Do I add drama or remove it from situations?
  • Where is my comfort zone? When was it last expanded?
  • Who am I trying to drag with me on my journey?
  • Who do I believe needs to change in order for my life to be normal?

Part 6 – I Have to do What?!?

2 Kings 5:11-12

  • What unmet expectations am I experiencing now? How do I need to adjust them?
  • What methods am I questioning? Instead, what steps of obedience do I need to take?
  • Where am I on my path to healing and recovery? In what areas have I gotten off course?
  • What people on the journey do I feel superior to? Why?
  • Whose Elisha am I?
  • How do I need to change my words, attitudes, or actions to be sure I’m not in the spotlight – but God is?

Part 7 – A Real Friend

2 Kings 5:13-14

  • Which of my friends are willing to get close enough to me to tell me the truth?
  • Who in my life gives me a proper perspective about my situation?
  • When was the last time I got honest with myself about myself?
  • How many times am I willing to repeat the same basic steps in order to be healed?
  • What does my desired outcome look like?

Part 8 – The Long Way Home

2 Kings 5:15

  • Who is around me that God wants to witness my healing and recovery?
  • Who am I pointing people to? Me? My Elisha? God?
  • How much closer am I to God than when I began my journey?
  • How does God want to use my “but”?
  • What is God’s major goal in my situation?

© Rhonda Fleming, 2013

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