Last week was extremely exciting for me.

Thursday my good friend and client’s latest book was published and became a best seller on Amazon!

My friend is Kim Hardy and RELAUNCH! is the sixth book she has written and published. But it’s the first one that I edited for her. And it’s the first one she has sold online.

And it’s the first one to make her a bestselling author!

But more important than all of the hoopla around the book being a best seller is the MESSAGE that’s in the book!

It’s a message that goes hand-in-hand with what we’ve been learning from Joseph’s life.

I can’t think of another Bible character who had such huge life challenges as Joseph. And yet he didn’t allow his circumstances to keep him down. He learned quickly how to RELAUNCH . . . right where he was . . . which is what Kim teaches us in her book.

From her personal experiences, Kim gives practical wisdom for getting past stuck and stress and going after our dreams! She shares five key strategies she used when she was stuck and stressed . . . strategies you can put into practice today to unleash your passion and start living your dreams.


Check out Kim’s book on I highly recommend it for you or anyone else who needs some encouragement, motivation, and practical instruction to help get unstuck.

And if you want to know more about Kim’s ministry, her website is




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