Who’s Invited In?

We’re near the end of our story about Jairus. Jesus is about to go in to where Jairus’ daughter’s lifeless body is lying in order to raise her from the dead (spoiler!). And He’s been very strategic about the people who are still with Him at the end of this journey.

So, who ended up being invited to go in with Jesus and witness this incredible miracle?

I think there were two types of people.

First, those who were desperate for Jesus to do something only He could do. The girl’s parents were invited to accompany Jesus into the room. The mother had more than likely witnessed her daughter’s death, and I’m sure both parents were desperate, wanting, more than anything, for their little girl to live again. And I believe both of them believed Jesus was the only person who could potentially make that happen. They were depending completely on Him.

Also invited in were three men who were extremely close to Jesus. These three guys had a history of watching Jesus perform miracles. They had faith in Jesus that was strong and getting stronger with every miracle they witnessed. Peter, James, and John were the three disciples who were the closest to Jesus. There were nine others, and I’m sure their level of faith was higher than most of Jesus’ followers. But throughout the gospels, we see that Peter, James, and John were the three disciples who made up Jesus’ inner circle. They knew Him better than anyone else on earth.

Now let’s look at who wasn’t invited in.

The first group is comprised of the huge crowd Jesus left behind with the other nine disciples. I’m sure some of the people in the crowd were believers. Some of them may have even witnessed Jesus perform miracles in the past. We know some of them watched a woman be healed this same day.

But, for the most part, I believe the crowd was there to see what Jesus would do . . . for them, for their friends and family, or for whoever happened to show up that day. They were going with Jesus to Jairus’ house to watch Jesus heal his sick daughter. Then things changed, and they were going there to possibly witness Jesus try to resurrect someone from the dead!

But that’s when their excursion ended, because Jesus didn’t want any spectators around for the rest of this mission. And, like I wrote in an earlier post, I don’t believe Jairus needed any doubters around him.

So, Jesus left the spectators behind.

The other people not allowed to go in were some loud, chaotic mourners Jesus had removed from Jairus’ house. To me, that action seemed to be totally out of character for Jesus. Until I took another look.

Jesus asked these people why they were grieving and weeping. Then He said that the girl wasn’t dead, but was just asleep.

These people knew the girl had died, And Jesus knew that they knew. I believe Jesus was offering them a different perspective. One that required them to look at this dire situation in a totally unique way . . . through eyes of faith in Him and what He could do.

To me, Jesus is saying to the mourners, do you even believe this girl CAN live again? And if so, can you believe it BEFORE you see it?

Their immediate response was an emphatic NO! They couldn’t believe it. And, in fact, anyone who even suggested it was possible must be crazy.

So, Jesus, very authoritatively, threw them all outside.

Here’s the question I’ve been asking myself . . . and that you may want to ask yourself.

Would I have been invited into the room to witness this miracle?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I would have been included.

Because sometimes I’m not desperate enough. I’m too quick to settle for less . . . for life as it is . . . instead of pursuing the abundant life, the miraculous life Jesus offers.

And there are times my faith isn’t that strong, because I haven’t spent as much time with Jesus as I need to. I allow other priorities to come before time with Him, in His Presence, and in His Word.

Then there are times I end up being a spectator, just showing up to see what Jesus might do in a church service, instead of pressing in to find out what He wants to do and then declaring it and believing for it.

And sometimes what I see physically happening in my world is much more powerful in my mind than what Jesus is telling me He wants to do. I’m not bold enough to step out in faith and believe that Jesus CAN and WILL do what it takes to bring about the very best that He wants for me.

How about you?

What are you desperate for Jesus to do in your life that appears to be impossible?

Who do you believe Jesus is and what do you believe He’s capable of?

How often do you act like a spectator . . . hanging around Jesus and other believers to see if He shows up and does any miracles?

And do you even believe – without seeing it first – that Jesus CAN and WILL do the impossible thing you need Him to?

FAITH has always been the currency of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Faith isn’t finally believing Jesus can do the miraculous after He does what you needed Him to do. Faith is believing Jesus can and will do the impossible when it hasn’t happened yet. When He’s your only hope in an impossible situation.

Faith is being willing to look at that impossible situation in your life through Jesus’ eyes. Seeing what’s possible when He’s invited into your desperation, and believing He can and will make life worth living again.

Beware, because having this kind of radical faith isn’t considered ‘normal’ in a lot of Christian circles these days. In fact, you might be laughed at and made fun of . . . like Jesus was.

But you’ll be invited in . . . to where miracles happen . . . and that will be worth it all!  

“. . . he took the child’s father and mother and the disciples who were with him, and went in where the child was.” – Mark 5:40b (NIV)

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