A Good Daddy

“Give us today our daily bread.” – Matthew 6:11 New International Version (NIV)



This little phrase is so easy to just run right over when we’re reciting this prayer. But it’s such an important part, we don’t need to miss it.


For me, it is such a reminder of the manna from Heaven that God provided for the Israelites during their 40-year journey in the wilderness.


Just think about that. Every day. (Except Sabbaths—so a double portion on Fridays.) For 40 years. For over a million people. And He never failed to provide. Not once.


And in addition, their clothes didn’t wear out. And their shoes stayed intact. And He provided a cooling cloud by day and a warming cloud by night to protect them from the elements.


Every little thing they were lacking in the desert, He provided for them.


Even when they were begging to go back to Egypt, He provided for them.


Even when they worshiped the golden calf, He provided for them.


Even when they refused to go into the Promised Land because they were afraid—afraid that the God who parted the Red Sea so they walked through on dry land and then closed it up and drowned all the Egyptians that were pursuing them—afraid He wouldn’t help them defeat the enemies in the land He said was theirs for the taking. The place that was their sole destination after leaving Egypt and the exclusive reason for the exodus in the first place.


He STILL provided for them.


He’s a faithful and trustworthy Father who loves His children and provides for them even when they are faithless and doubting.


That includes me.


Because I have been faithless and doubting in my relationship with Him just like the Israelites were.


And He’s proven to me over and over and over again that He is never going to forget me or forsake me or fail to provide for me or fail to fulfill any promise He makes to me.


I’m so thankful His provision for me—just like the Israelites—does not depend on my behavior. I’m so glad His provision for me—just like the Israelites—is based on my position.


I’m His child.


And He’s a good Daddy.



– What are you having trouble trusting God for right now?


– How has He provided for you in the past?


– How do you believe He wants to use this current situation in your life?


– What are you going to choose to do?

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