Life of Joseph – Part 24 – Starting a New Job

Whenever I start a new job, I feel like a fish out of water for the first few weeks. Maybe it’s just me, but it takes a while to get comfortable at a new desk, in a new workspace, in a new office environment. Plus it’s never the exact same job duties I was accustomed to in my previous position, so there’s always a learning curve involved. And, of course, there’s learning how to navigate the office terrain . . . like people, personalities, pet peeves, and power struggles.

Based on my personality, it would be easy for me to gradually work up to fulfilling my new duties. I would be more comfortable taking my time learning the new job and the new terrain and postponing the responsibilities now on my shoulders.

But that’s not how Joseph handled it. And I think he is a great example of how to start out in a new job.

Here’s what today’s section says:

Genesis 41:46-49 / Amplified Bible (AMP)

46 Joseph [who had been in Egypt thirteen years] was thirty years old when he stood before Pharaoh king of Egypt. Joseph went out from the presence of Pharaoh and went [about his duties] through all the land of Egypt.

47 In the seven abundant years the earth brought forth by handfuls [for each seed planted].

48 And he gathered up all the [surplus] food of the seven [good] years in the land of Egypt and stored up the food in the cities; he stored away in each city the food from the fields around it.

49 And Joseph gathered grain as the sand of the sea, very much, until he stopped counting, for it could not be measured.


Joseph didn’t waste any time. The second part of verse 46 says he left Pharaoh’s presence and went out and started doing his job.

Here are the truths I found:

– When you’re hired, promoted, or given new authority, start doing your new duties immediately and be visible in your areas of responsibility. Take responsibility for what you’re now responsible for.

– Like you’ve heard before . . . what God says will happen — happens! There were 7 years of abundance just like Pharaoh’s dreams predicted.

– You need to start carrying out your approved plan immediately.

– Profits and savings should remain in the areas where they are earned. I believe profit-sharing at different levels for all employees will build a much more profitable company than giving all of the profits to the top level executives.

– Even when you’ve fulfilled your goals (or made more than you expected), keep following your plan.

Application Questions:

– What are some drawbacks/outcomes if you don’t start fulfilling your responsibilities immediately?

– When have I been surprised when God did what He said He would do? Why was I surprised?

– What can happen in an organization when everyone works hard to make a profit but not everyone gets to enjoy the fruits of their labor?

– When has the job I signed up for ended up being bigger than I imagined? What was the outcome?

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